A Just and Prosperous State with and for Black Minnesotans.
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We are the Minnesota Business Coalition for Racial Equity.

And we have seen
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After the killing of George Floyd, we have seen what cannot be unseen. Systemic racism has taken a toll on Black Minnesotans for far too long. It’s time for the business community to do more to eliminate racial disparities.

At MBCRE, we are different. Leaders from more than 80 organizations have come together to build an equitable, inclusive and prosperous state with and for Black residents.

We are focused specifically on improved outcomes for the Black community in our state.
We have brought together the right people with the skills and experience to help get things done in partnership with our community.
We are here to honor existing work already being done in the community.

We hope you will join us in these efforts.

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How We Are Helping

We intend to apply our expertise, experience and resources in four broad pillars as we work to overcome systemic racism.

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Creating opportunities for Black Minnesotans to find work and advance their careers.
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Advocating for legislation that will provide the greatest benefit for Black Minnesotans.
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Supporting programs that strengthen our communities and overcome systemic racism.
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Educating and inspiring Minnesotans to take direct action and get involved on behalf of Black Minnesotans.

Get Involved

We cannot do this alone.

Get involved, take action and help us eliminate racial disparities.

Enterprise Members
Large businesses, nonprofits and universities with the ability and motivation to take bold actions to advance racial equity within their organizations and participate in the work of at least one pillar.
Implementing Members
Nonprofits or small businesses with the expertise necessary to help Enterprise Members take action in one or more pillars.
Thought Leaders
Community and business leaders who advise the Coalition on solutions.

If you have the ability and motivation to take bold actions to advance racial equity, please contact one of our pillar leaders through to learn more.

MBCRE Steering Committee

Acooa Ellis

Acooa Ellis

Senior Vice President of Community Impact, Greater Twin Cities United Way
Policy Pillar Co-Lead
Amelia Hardy

Amelia Hardy

Vice President – Inclusion and Diversity Strategic Initiatives, Best Buy
Workplace Pillar Co-Lead
Charlie Weaver

Charlie Weaver

Executive Director, Minnesota Business Partnership
James Burroughs

James Burroughs

Vice President, Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer, Children's Minnesota
Coalition Co-Chair, Workplace Pillar Co-Lead
James Momon

James Momon

Chief Equity Officer, 3M
Allyship Pillar Co-Lead
Lee Anderson

Lee Anderson

Director – Government Affairs, General Mills
Coalition Co-Chair and Policy Pillar Co-Lead
Marcus Owens

Marcus Owens

Executive Director, African American Leadership Forum
Allyship Pillar Co-Lead
Matt Lewis

Matt Lewis

Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Greater MSP
Reba Dominski

Reba Dominski

EVP, Chief Social Responsibility Officer, US Bank
Coalition Co-Chair and Philanthropy Pillar Lead
Shannon Smith Jones

Shannon Smith Jones

Executive Director, Hope Community
Philanthropy Pillar Co-Lead

Our Members

Allianz Life
Andersen Corporation
APi Group
Apogee Enterprises, Inc.
Bank of America
Best Buy
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Minnesota
Bremer Bank
C.H. Robinson
Children’s Minnesota
Element Fleet Management
Fairview Health Services

General Mills
Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare
Great Clips
Greater Twin Cities United Way
Hope Community
Land O’Lakes
Lund Food Holdings
Minnesota Business Partnership
Minnesota Twins
Opus Group

The Toro Company
Thomson Reuters
Twin Metals
U.S. Bank
University of St. Thomas
YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities


March 26, 2021
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By James Burroughs, Lee Anderson, Reba Dominski

An update from your tri-chairs of the Steering Committee

Dear MBCRE members,

As the community continues to mourn and transform since the murder of George Floyd, we acknowledge the ongoing investigation into his death and the emotional distress it causes our community. It’s important as allies and leaders that we continue to listen with empathy and to recognize the impact these events have on us personally. Additionally, it’s just as critical to speak up against injustice and have the courage to stand up for what’s right. As the leaders of the MBCRE, we want to send time-sensitive bulletins with resources and updates you can use to respond to what’s happening right now.

While our focus is on Black Minnesotans we cannot overlook other marginalized communities’ struggles in our state. As many of you know, there has been a recent increase in anti-Asian sentiment, hate, and violence. Now is the time for us to listen to the anxiety and fear in the Asian community. Bo Thao-Urabe, founder and executive director of Coalition for Asian American Leaders (CAAL) is a trusted voice in our community and shared this statementtalking points, and actions you and your organization can take right now.
Today we are sharing resources from the new Allyship Education Framework as you consider how your organization can support, ally and advocate.

In addition to resources like the Allyship Education Framework, we continue to center on the work on the voices of Black Minnesotans. We shared an update on our support of the Alliance of Alliances in the March newsletter. At the April all-hands meeting, you’ll have a chance to meet the newest member of the steering committee and executive director of the African American Leadership Forum, Marcus Owens.

Today we are joining the Alliance of Alliances and AALF in announcing a commitment to work together to leverage Black-centered design to generate and implement solutions to advance equitable outcomes for Black Minnesotans. Currently, $3.25 million of the $4 million required to jumpstart this effort has been raised through a coordinated fundraising effort with MBCRE member companies. We’ve developed frequently asked questions about the Alliance of Alliances and AALF for your use.  

Below is a recap of today’s mentions of the Alliance of Alliances and AALF announcement:

Thank you for your ongoing support,

James Burroughs, Lee Anderson, Reba Dominski
MBCRE Co-Chairs

If you have questions or input on future issues, send them to

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